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With roots across industries, XDC Network serves as the backbone for many unique enterprise applications such as ISO 20022 messaging and those designed to support global trade. Security and scalability on the network translate to a more reliable and efficient platform for everyone.

Participants on the network have the experience, talent and resources for your team to work with confidence on the XDC Network.

  • The highly important global financial messaging ISO 20022 standard works effortlessly on the XDC Network because of its smart contract capability, speed, scalability, low transaction fee, and high security — enabling an advanced instant settlement solution that allows digital assets to be included in a message’s payload.

  • XDC Network has been positioned to seamlessly integrate with legacy systems.

Enterprise Concepts on the XDC Network

Purpose built for enterprise solutions, the XDC Network provides a robust platform for a wide range of applications. Scalability and fast transaction settlement times allow organizations to develop a variety of blockchain-based solutions while high-grade security offers the peace of mind for institutions to focus on the important task of business development.

An emerging decentralized marketplace on the network provides the opportunity for your project to gain multi-faceted support as it develops, launches, and scales on XDC Network. Would any of the following services from within the XDC Ecosystem help with your project?

Asset Tokenization where real-world assets are transformed into digital assets via smart contracts for the benefit of the following:

  • Access to existing and untapped capital markets 

  • An eternal digital footprint for the asset 

  • A borderless and barrier-free exchange

  • Regulatory supported tokenization

A Digital Asset Composer where users don’t need to know coding to create digital assets, including:

  • Smart contracts

  • Entire DeFi protocols

  • Fractionalized real-world assets (RWAs)

  • Highly customizable utility NFTs

ISO 20022 API Solution for financial institutions and corporations worldwide to send and receive financial data for cross-border and domestic payments. The simple API makes migrating to the new financial messaging standard as painless as it can be. Institutions can opt to add instant settlement for their digital assets with their financial messaging payload. 

Cross-chain bridge capabilities. Doesn’t it make sense to have smart contracts that work with other EVM-compatible blockchains? XDC Network is host to multiple bridges that encourage multi-chain interoperability, a philosophy held by XinFin since day one. READ more on bridges below.

Regulated Stablecoins for financial institutions across the globe. Join the growing movement to offer transparent and properly-reserved stablecoins.

Custodial Solutions for digital assets include collateral management and institutional custody while serving to mitigate the risks of trading digital assets on exchanges. 

Corporate to bank payments and trade finance flows. XDC Network serves as a channel to facilitate movements on a digital ledger.

Compliance Solutions for blockchain applications that offer monitoring and tracing of illicit cryptocurrency activities as well as risk scoring, flagging and verifying addresses for digital assets.

Consult with XDC Foundation to learn more about marketplace support for your project.

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Built on XDC Network

Bridges and Cross-Chain Interoperability on the XDC Network

XDC Network is prepared for cross-chain interoperability

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