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XDC Mainnet
A History of Performance

Since its origins in 2017, the XDC Network has seen a distributed community of developers, early adopters and advocates serve as champions for the adoption of XDC’s blockchain technology.

As an open source enterprise-grade blockchain, XDC Network was designed to support those using DLT technology to more efficiently store and exchange data, assets, and ideas through decentralized applications and enforceable smart contracts.

XinFin Fintech's vision for an enterprise-grade blockchain network began with a solid technical foundation and a sustainable route towards decentralized participation. This vision has since inspired distributed innovation and adoption. A decentralized community with diverse contributions create major opportunities for network adoption.

XDC Foundation works to support the XDC Ecosystem, where XDC Network’s open source technology is adopted for many diverse use cases. A community-driven initiative, the Foundation was formed in the middle of 2021 to support the growth, development and adoption of the XDC Network by collaborating with an informed and active collective of developers, world trade experts and content creators using the XDC Network.

XDC Foundation is an independent community-focused entity that was created through a grant from XinFin to promote and support ecosystem development across the network.

The primary role of the Foundation:

  • Encourage development on the XDC Network

  • Generate awareness for the network as a premier destination to build blockchain-based decentralized applications

  • Engage competent third parties to assess, evaluate, and support ecosystem infrastructure

  • Aggregate decentralized community voices and cover initiatives that highlight the XDC Network’s global usage and impact

How XDC Network
can help your business

XDC Foundation works to support the XDC Ecosystem, where XDC Network’s open source technology is adopted for many diverse use cases. XDC Foundation was formed in 2021 to support the XDC Network by engaging with ecosystem participants and aggregating key information about the network. It represents a true community-driven initiative.

The foundation supports all areas of adoption on the network. These are some that have emerged as solid performers:

  • Asset Tokenization
    Platforms on the XDC Network can transform off-chain assets, such as invoices, into security tokens or notes that exist as tokens on the network’s fast, efficient and secure blockchain. The network offers a home for a range of asset-backed tokens — including NFTs and commodities — that will transform real-world assets into digital assets for the unique benefits blockchain technology offers - a digital footprint, unique access keys, and efficient exchange, to name a few.

  • Bridges, ISO 20022, and Other Enterprise Use Cases
    The XDC Network is host to multiple bridges projects, including to R3's Corda, that encourage interoperability between blockchains, a philosophy held by the foundation since day one. Similarly, the network offers solutions that are ISO 20022 compatible while enabling fast, scalable, and secure rails for financial messaging.

  • Voting
    XDC's blockchain can record votes on a public—not centrally controlled—ledger, offering transparency and record keeping that cannot be censored. There is a trend toward on-chain voting for many applications and organizations. READ below about a Voting dApp in development with XDC Community.

  • Developing Marketplace
    The XDC Ecosystem is evolving into a business-to-business marketplace. The blockchain increases accessibility and encourages competition between lenders, borrowers, innovators and content creators. There are a wide variety of use cases being explored by the projects and participants on the network. As organizations dip their toes into blockchain or jump into the deep-end, there is a wide range of support across the XDC Network.

  • Consult XDC Foundation
    XDC Foundation and the broader XDC community are passionate about adoption of the XDC Network. If you want to consult about your blockchain-based project or seek communications support for upcoming releases on XDC Network, click below and reach out to the Foundation. We look forward to hearing from you.

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