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Join a thriving
and diverse

Embark on a journey with the XDC Network's enthusiastic early adopters, passionate developers, and the global community, who play an everyday role in the network's usage and adoption.

Understanding the
heartbeat behind the network

XDC’s global community existed for years before XDC Foundation’s inception in 2021. The heartbeat of the XDC Network consists of its developers, content creators, validators, stakeholders, enterprises and affiliated organizations. is designed to be a community hub, aggregating key data, community voices and resources. This is a watering hole for all things XDC. Here we will gladly keep you updated and informed.


The XDC Network maintains a robust, diverse and evolving ecosystem. Because participants trust in the network’s performance, they can focus on content creation, business strategy and growth.


The XDC community includes a global network of individuals with different skills contributing to the ecosystem's growth. Each participant can play a role and there are many ways to get involved.


Podcast XDC The Stream

It’s often difficult to cut through the noise and join discussions about the real-world use of blockchain technology. On XDC The Stream, XDC community members Lance Lilly and Dave Marcus speak with experts around the globe to discuss the history, challenges and technological innovations of blockchain in some of the most impactful industries. Tune into this monthly podcast to gain insight into how these industries operate and how blockchain technology can make a difference moving forward. Be sure to leave comments or suggestions and let us know industry topics you’re interested in learning more about. DISCLOSURE: The content herein represents the individual perspectives of the XDC community members and does not reflect the official stance of the XDC Foundation.

We're looking forward to be helping the XDC Network grow its institutional participation across the entire spectrum of the crypto industry, be that safekeeping assets, transacting on-chain, on-exchange, facilitating settlement or when using DeFi protocols. Excitingly, this also opens up access to DeFi's Metaverse, where Trustology can help navigate NFT tokenization, often removed due to fear of counterparty risk.


— Alex Batlin, Founder and CEO

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