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XDC Network
A channel to build and connect

As a decentralized public ledger, the Layer 1 XDC Network enables information transparency and provides a distributed, universal ledger of truth - unburdened by central administrative controls or a single point of failure.

The XDC Network is equipped to keep pace with the rapid rate of blockchain adoption.


1,250x faster than Ethereum

Ethereum currently averages just 7-12 TPS.


Costs less compared to BTC ($15) and ETH ($10)

Source of funding.


10M x more efficient than BTC

This power output is comparable to the yearly average output of a handful of single family homes.

How does xdc compare to other blockchains?How does xdc compare to other blockchains?

Why Choose
XDC Network


Success depends on your network

Through XDC, creators, financial innovators and developers can access an inclusive, accessible and decentralized world, benefitting from both the network technology and network of participants. This is the network of networks — where the entrepreneurial savvy can interact with new partners, reach new markets and serve new customers.

Outstanding Security

Named after the galaxy by a community of XDC developers, the XDPoS consensus protocol upgrade, Andromeda, was implemented in December of 2021. A subsequent upgrade, XDC 2.0, is slated to bring state-of-the-art Byzantine fault tolerance (BFT) to the XDC Network along with high-grade security and real-time forensic monitoring.

EVM Compatible

XDC Network is a reliable EVM-compatible and Ethereum-competitive Layer 1 blockchain supporting smart-contracts, protocols, and atomic cross-chain token transfers. It offers a base layer for enterprise blockchain applications while providing a solid foundation for blockchain innovation in all industries.

Trade Finance-focused dApps

The network features a number of trade finance-focused dApps and integrations, one of which is TRADA: a fully-regulated L2 tokenized security on XDC, developed by a World Economic Forum member, Tradeteq, in an effort to provide scalable access to trade finance assets in a secure manner.


XDC Network was the first blockchain to join the Global TFD Initiative - a consortium of major global financial institutions and leading service providers such as ABN AMRO, Santander Asset Management, ING Bank, SMBC, ANZ, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Texel Group, NN Investment Partners, and more.

Onboarding Process

Using GitBook, developers looking to build on XDC have access to a suite of how-to articles, tools, and FAQs on the XDC Network’s dedicated community documentation page.

Long-term Vision

Blockchain is not about currency speculation and greed. It is about flow of ideas, value and assets through a trustless ledger - connecting ‘small’ businesses to the enterprise level. XDC Network is positioned to solve real world problems, from enabling SMEs to participate in Trade Finance to ensuring charitable funds get to where they’re most needed in a trustless, transparent manner.

Reliably Fast & Efficient

XDC Network is equipped with the ability to process 2000+ TPS, allowing nearly instant transaction completion, while also remaining cost effective, requiring approx. 1/100th the cost of Ethereum’s transactions.


The entire global XDC Network uses 7400 kilowatt-hours (kWh), less electricity than the average US household uses each year.


XDC Network is integrated with Singapore's IMDA TradeTrust initiative to host electronic trade documents as per the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law’s Model Law on Electronic Transferable Records (MLETR).

ISO 20022 Financial Messaging

Impel, an ISO20022 messaging platform built on the XDC Network, offers simple API integration and faster payment/instant settlement (w/ optional collateral) - providing a cost-effective alternative to SWIFT and SEPA.


XDC 2.0

XDC 2.0 is the next-generation consensus protocol originally built for the XDC Network. It is based on Chained HotStuff, the state-of-art BFT (Byzantine fault tolerance) consensus algorithm.

Only masternodes who have locked a significant amount of XDC tokens have the right to propose and vote for blocks. The locked tokens will be slashed if the master nodes conduct any malicious behavior, and the malicious behavior detection is guaranteed by the network’s advanced forensics detection and monitoring system.

XDC Network participants maintain top-tier relationships across industries, conducting cutting edge research and software development, so the XDC Network can be first-to-market with innovative concepts and unprecedented use cases.

Projects built on XDC

Since its origins in 2017, the XDC Network has seen a distributed community of  developers, early adopters and advocates serve as champions for the adoption of XDC’s blockchain technology.

As an open source enterprise-grade blockchain, XDC Network was designed to support those using distributed ledger technology to more efficiently store and exchange data, assets, and ideas through decentralized applications and enforceable smart contracts.

XinFin Fintech's vision for an enterprise-grade blockchain network began with a solid technical foundation and a sustainable route towards decentralized participation. This vision has since inspired distributed innovation and adoption. A decentralized community with diverse contributions create major opportunities for network adoption. 

XDC Foundation works to support the XDC Ecosystem, where XDC Network’s open source technology is adopted for many diverse use cases. A community driven initiative, the Foundation was formed in Q2 2021 to support the growth, development and adoption of the XDC Network by collaborating with an informed and active collective of developers, world trade experts and content creators using the network.

The Community Driving the Network

The steep adoption curve of the XDC Network is due in part to the dedication and talent of its distributed community, who possess both a profound knowledge of blockchain technology and the creativity to apply unique expertise in a variety of ways.

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