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Trade finance is an underappreciated asset class underpinning trillions in goods and services traded between nations every year. Blockchain technology is uniquely suited to power the financial rails of cross-border trade, and jurisdictions globally are taking notice. That includes trade, banking, and securities regulators in Europe and the UK, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East.

Team Blockdata

-Team Blockdata

We are extremely pleased to be partnering with the core team and the wider XDC Network community to deploy Digital Asset Composer and enable decentralized access to next-gen financial processes and digitally-native assets in a way that is decentralized, highly composable, and requires minimal blockchain knowledge.

Securrency and the XDC Network have put a serious marker down in terms of innovation within the space.


-Dan Doney, CEO

XDC integration is the next leg in our mission to enable every business to easily and securely support digital assets and cryptocurrencies.


-Michael Shaulov, CEO

There must be more done to address the ever-widening trade finance gap. Creative technologies will likely offer solutions, such as creating NFTs to package assets and make them available to a broader secondary market. While the steps to achieve this were complex, given the nature of trade finance, the execution on the XDC Network was seamless.


-Christoph Gugelmann, Co-founder and CEO

The XDC Network’s robust functionality and top security made it an easy choice to build Impel’s solution offerings on. Other best-in-class attributes of the network include speed and scalability, enabling complex enterprise-grade applications to perform efficiently.


-Troy S. Wood, CEO & Founder

The first currency across is XDC … this lays the groundwork to connect Corda to ERC-20s and other cryptocurrency networks. What you should see here is the age-old challenge of interoperability being solved.

BCB Group

-Richard Crook, COO

The partnership with XinFin represents an opportunity to expand the utility of KAU and KAG into another trusted, sustainable and thriving digital asset ecosystem. We see many synergies and are eager to see where this partnership takes us.

Kinesis Exchange

-Thomas Coughlin, CEO

Blockchain Intelligence Group and XinFin share the same values around real-world utility for blockchain, transparency, and innovation. Blockchain Intelligence and XinFin both seek to build a secure future for enterprises looking to benefit from blockchain, crypto and tokenization adoption.

Blockchain Intelligence Group

-Lance Morginn, President

We're looking forward to be helping the XDC Network grow its institutional participation across the entire spectrum of the crypto industry, be that safekeeping assets, transacting on-chain, on-exchange, facilitating settlement or when using DeFi protocols. Excitingly, this also opens up access to DeFi's Metaverse, where Trustology can help navigate NFT tokenization, often removed due to fear of counterparty risk.


— Alex Batlin, Founder and CEO
Trade finance is a compelling asset class for institutional investors. Making trade finance more accessible for non-bank investors is of paramount importance if we are going to drive the economic recovery from Covid and fill the USD 3-5 trillion SME trade finance gap. Innovative technology driven solutions like the TFD Initiative are a critical part of the solution to providing more liquidity into the market.

International Chamber of Commerce UK

-Chris Southworth, Secretary General

Smart contracts are expected to increase efficiency and certainty in business and reduce the need for contracting parties to have to trust each other; the trust resides instead in the code. To ensure that the jurisdiction of England and Wales remains a competitive choice for business, there is a compelling case for reviewing the current legal framework in England and Wales to ensure that it facilitates the use of smart contracts.

Law Commission, England and Wales

-Sarah Green, Law Commissioner

The XinFin Network is one of the most enterprise-friendly blockchain networks ever created, and we’re proud they have chosen Copper for their institutional digital asset custody.

Institutions need a lot more than an app with pretty charts. They need proper security, which includes technology, insurance, people, and business processes – as well as exceptional client service. We’re proud to have earned XinFin’s trust and their business.


-Dmitry Tokarev, CEO

The opportunities offered by blockchain technologies are of interest to our members and we will be delighted to share those via our recently established Alternative Finance learning lab.

World of Open Account (WOA)

— Erik Timmermans, Secretary General at EESPA and Cofounder

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