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XDC Workshop
Basics of Blockchain

Curious about blockchain, but don’t know where to begin? We have created the XDC Basics of Blockchain Masterclass for those looking 
to start their journey, it’s free, so why not enroll today?

About the course

As the world is rapidly moving towards adopting Web3 technologies, and everyday innovations happening in this space, like the metaverse or decentralized finance, it is extremely important to know how to use this new technology. Learning about blockchain technology not only gives you a deeper understanding of how to work with concepts within blockchain, it also give you an advantage over your peers should you choose to build something in this space. This free workshop has been structured to be beginner friendly with no pre-requisite knowledge needed whatsoever and will have a certificate at the end for all those who are able to complete it.

This workshop is divided into two parts, the fundamental concepts and advanced concepts. This part teaches the fundamental concepts, which include:

  • Wallets and transferring cryptocurrency

  • What is the Block Explorer and understanding the Status Dashboard

  • Using a Status Dashboard to understand the health of a blockchain

  • Deploying a very simple smart contract onto the XDC Test network

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