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XDC Weekly Dec 10th - Dec 16th, 2023

1. 2023: A transformative year for XDC Network! 🌐

Our latest article details this journey, from global digitalization efforts to growth in real world asset tokenization & development activities. Discover the milestones ⬇️

2. Denver, here we come! 📢

We're officially a sponsor of @EthereumDenver 2024, representing the XDC Network! We'll be providing up to $50k in developer bounties, highlighting our dedication to fostering growth & adoption of the network.

Learn more ➡️

3. @Coinsph is playing a role in showcasing the XDC Network's utility across the Philippines. Their involvement is helping to broaden the understanding & application of blockchain in modern finance. 💼

Learn more from a recent AMA w/ @XinfinUSA ⬇️

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