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XDC Network Makes a Splash at Consensus 2023

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The XDC Network made an impressive showing at Consensus 2023, a prominent cryptocurrency conference, with a strong focus on community building, technological innovation, and collaboration. Throughout the event, the XDC team highlighted the unique value of their network, introduced exciting new features, and connected with other projects and developers. Here are the highlights of the XDC Network's presence at Consensus 2023.

One of the many achievements of the XDC Network at Consensus 2023 was bringing the XDC community together.. Participants engaged in meaningful conversations with other projects, sharing insights and ideas, and explaining the value of the XDC Network. This collaborative environment fostered a sense of unity and camaraderie among members of the XDC ecosystem.

The XDC Network booth attracted high foot traffic, thanks to engaging, hands-on coding demonstrations provided by Arturo Canterra from PrimeNumbers and Quincy Jones from XDC Foundation. These demos showcased the potential and capabilities of the XDC Network, inviting developers and enthusiasts alike to learn more about the project.

Pramod Viswanath of Princeton University and Head of the XDC Network Protocol team gave an insightful presentation with Quincy Jones of the XDC Foundation on the XDC 2.0 update. The presentation covered the protocol's state-of-the-art Byzantine Security, Super Fast Transaction Finalization, and Built-In Forensic Monitoring features.

Additionally, the presentation introduced the upcoming XDC Subnets feature. This will allow for the creation of private subnets that inherit the security of the XDC 2.0 protocol while leveraging the same tooling and infrastructure available to the mainnet. Quincy Jones concluded the presentation with a discussion on automation at scale, focusing on the use case of farmers tokenizing their crops as NFTs.

XDC Community Co-Founder, Jon McBee gave an informative presentation at Protocol Village, introducing the XDC Network and outlining the rules for competing for the $50,000 USD grant as part of the Web3athon held in conjunction with Consensus 2023. Additionally, Ecosystem Partner Civic contributed an $10,000 USD grant for incorporating their technology into a solution. This opportunity gave participants the chance to have face to face discussions with other teams entering the competition as well as introduce themselves to the XDC Network Ecosystem. 

Jon McBee expressed his enthusiasm about the conference: "Consensus 2023 has been an incredible opportunity for the XDC Network to engage with the wider crypto community, share our vision, and foster meaningful connections. The response from attendees has been overwhelmingly positive, and we're excited about the potential collaborations that have emerged."

Pramod Viswanath, Head of the XDC Network Protocol team and researcher at Princeton University, shared his insights on the updated Byzantine Fault Tolerance Protocol Forensics of XDC 2.0: "The cutting-edge security features we've implemented in XDC 2.0 are truly groundbreaking. By designing a system in which attackers are compelled to leave indelible traces of their actions, we have effectively guaranteed their discovery by our forensic monitoring service. This level of security, backed by rigorous academic research, positions the XDC Network at the forefront of the blockchain industry, ensuring the utmost protection and trust for our users."

In conclusion, the XDC Network's presence at Consensus 2023 was marked by a spirit of community building, technological advancement, and collaboration. The event provided an ideal platform for the XDC team to showcase their latest innovations, engage with other projects, and strengthen their ecosystem. The positive reception from attendees and the numerous connections made during the conference signal a bright future for the XDC Network as it continues to push the boundaries of blockchain technology and foster meaningful partnerships within the crypto space.

About XDC Network

XDC is a Layer 1 EVM Compatible Enterprise Grade Blockchain Network. XDC Networks speed, scalability and low transaction fees combined with high level of security make it attractive for time-honored enterprise applications. XDC has set the benchmark to deliver scalable, efficient, affordable, and accessible settlement rails for a variety of tokenized real-world assets and financial instruments.

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