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XDC Network at ITFA Porto 2022

Words by XDC Foundation

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XDC Network Receives Strong Coverage at Conference

The XDC Network was featured at the 48th annual International Trade and Forfaiting (ITFA) Conference, held last week in Porto, Portugal.

XDC Network is the only Layer 1 blockchain network member of ITFA (SRX also received membership, an XRC20 project) — the worldwide trade association for entities engaged in global trade, forfaiting, supply chain and receivables financing. The conference programming drew attention to a number of projects built on the XDC Network. Some highlighted events included:

1. In his welcome address, ITFA Chairman Sean Edwards discussed the TRADA Token launch this summer on the XDC Network.

2. As ITFA Board Member and Head of Fintech Committee, XDC Foundation Advisor André Casterman, Founder & Managing Director of Casterman Advisory, was involved with the conference’s agenda and its participating industry experts. He stated that digital assets would be a major focus as well as the use of tokenization, NFTs, and security token offerings.

Mr. Casterman kicked off the half-day Fintech programme with a session on Digital Assets and invited Mr. Christoph Gugelmann, Founder and CEO of Tradeteq, to present the result of the partnership between his company and XDC Network known as the TRADA Token which was launched in July 2022.

Mr. Casterman also moderated a panel discussion on "The Metaverse, NFTs and other things you should have heard about . . ." The discussion centered around the cutting-edge potential these popular blockchain products have in trade. They are not just for games and artwork. Speakers included:

  • Marc-André Schauwecker - Head of Legal & Compliance, OTC Service AG and Angle Investor Metaverse

  • Megha Shrestha - Co-Founder and CEO, Metabloqs (powered by XDC Network)

  • Merisa Lee Gimpel - Managing Director, Head of Lending, Trade & Working Capital Solution Development, Lloyds Bank and member of DNI Initiative

  • Nils Behling — Founder & CFO, Tradeteq and member of TFD Initiative

Following both sessions featuring the TRADA Token, delegates could discover more at the TFD Initiative booth and sign up on

3. Ian Duffy, Founder and CEO of Accelerated Payments, joined a panel of speakers to discuss the topic, "Has Asset Management embraced trade finance and what more is left to be done?" Accelerated Payments participated with Tradeteq in September 2021 to launch the first NFT representing trade finance assets on the XDC Network.

4. Troy S. Wood, CEO & Founder of Impel, was interviewed at the conference and discussed the Impel project that provides ISO 20022 compliant financial messaging with optional instant-settlement by adding digital assets like $XDC to the messages payload. He also gave an overview of financial obligation settlements via Impel’s R3 Corda | XDC Network Bridge — all powered by the XDC Network.

5. XDC Network sponsored the conference breakfast on the final day.

The conference also highlighted current initiatives such as the DNI Initiative to promote the digitization of bills of exchange and promissory notes and the TFD Initiative to improve access to the trade finance asset class. The XDC Network was built to support these efforts in trade finance and enterprise, in general.

The XDC Network is an enterprise-grade, EVM-compatible Layer 1 network equipped with interoperable smart contracts. A highly optimized, bespoke fork of Ethereum, the XDC Network reaches consensus through a delegated proof-of-stake (XDPoS) mechanism, which allows for two-second transaction time, near zero gas fees, and over 2,000 transactions per second (TPS). Secure, scalable, and highly efficient, the XDC Network powers a wide range of novel blockchain use cases.

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