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XDC Concepts: A Masterclass in Blockchain

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XDC Foundation recently released  which makes token creation incredibly easy. Soon enough, Origin will also support exceptionally efficient and easy creation of NFTs on the XDC Network. Origin is so intuitive that users hardly need a tutorial or much of an explanation. But what if a user wants to complete a more complicated task on the XDC Network?

Perhaps a user would like to deploy a simple smart contract, or even a more complex network of smart contracts that interact with each other. Maybe it’s a network of smart contracts that interface to oracles for external data feeds, where real-world events can trigger smart contract execution. Or maybe they’d like to set up a masternode.

XDC Concepts is a free, new video tutorial series explaining how to execute both simple and more complex tasks on the XDC Network. There are two multi-part, hour-long tutorials to start, and a series of quizzes afterwards to reinforce your knowledge. Students who have questions can leave them for the instructor to answer.

The class material was created in part by Pramod Viswanath, XDC scientific advisor and Princeton University professor, and Dr. Fisher Yu of Hashlabs. The lecturer is Arthav Chandratre, one of India’s leading blockchain educators. The team will continue to add new tutorials moving forward.

The most complex lessons are designed for people with prior experience coding, and our host, codedamn, makes that part easy, too. Codedamn is essentially the MasterClass of blockchain coding, and your first ten hours of monthly instruction are totally free.

XDC Basics of Blockchain Workshops:

Part 1 — Fundamental Concepts

Part 2 — Advanced Concepts

XDC Concepts, Origin, and our Observatory are all part of XDC Foundation’s vision to make the efficient, sustainable XDC Network more accessible to users, regardless of their technical expertise. We believe that anyone should be able to Build it on XDc.

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