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Working at the blockchain 'grassroots': the XDC Network sees healthy adoption through its developer-centric approach

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XDC Network is quickly gaining traction in the blockchain community as a scalable and interoperable solution for enterprise-level applications. One of the key factors driving adoption of the XDC Network is its developer-friendly approach.

The network offers a suite of developer tools that make it easy for developers to build and deploy decentralized applications, and it's compatible with existing Ethereum tools and infrastructure. But there are many EVM-compatible chains, so what makes a specific network popular with developers, and what are some common obstacles to developer adoption? Jon McBee, Director of Integration at XDC Network, has a refreshing viewpoint. In his view, a network's success with developers is as much about non-technical aspects as it is about hard benchmarks, features, and specs.

Crypto networks might be compared to cities. Just like every city has its own characteristic amenities and landmarks, every blockchain possesses unique features and capabilities that lure certain developers. And, as with cities, developers might come to a network for one feature, but remain for others. The XDC Network, for example, became well known for offering access to trade-finance instruments and transactions, as was described in our previous Spotlight article on XDC. But lately it has been attracting developers to use cases other than trade finance. Jon McBee, co-founder at XDC Community, says it is gaining popularity as a first-tier, flexible-use enterprise-grade blockchain. For example:

  • Dallas-based fintech startup Impel relies on the XDC Network to power its API-based cross-border financial-messaging product, which is an alternative to SWIFT and complies with the ISO 20022 financial-messaging standard. XDC- and Bitcoin-based collateral can also be added to such messages, enabling the ISO 20022-defined instant-settlement process.

  • Fathom, a decentralized finance platform for lending and borrowing, was soft-launched on the XDC Network earlier this year.

It's not just finance. XDC Network, McBee says, is actually able to power virtually any decentralized application. Regardless of the use case it's put to, XDC Network is fast, low-fee, and fully "EVM-compatible," he adds, which means code written for deployment on XDC will work on Ethereum and vice-versa.That leaves the door to XDC wide open for any developer familiar with developing on Ethereum to develop on XDC without enduring Ethereum's high transaction fees and congestion.

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