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The RWA solution to a surging $50 billion industry

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Engaging with XDC provides access to cutting-edge financial tools and places investors at the forefront of the trade finance revolution

$87.81 billion. 

That’s how large the global trade finance market is projected to grow by 2031—nearly double its 2022 valuation. 

Despite its exciting growth projections, trade finance is expensive, opaque, and boring. But bring the market and its financial instruments on-chain, and suddenly we have something worth discussing alongside other topics vital to anyone passionate about the future of finance.

To ensure you’re well-versed in this subtopic of RWAs — one of the sexiest, most discussed crypto sectors among Web3-natives and TradFi institutions like BlackRock alike — this comprehensive investor’s guide will explore the growing trade finance RWA niche, show how blockchain integration serves as the best medicine for the problems trade finance faces, and explain how optimized blockchains like XDC Network offer industry-leading opportunities.


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