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Trade finance might not be sexy, but it’s blockchain’s key to success

Words by Billy Sebell for Blockworks

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In the sands of Arrakis and the bustling markets of feudal Japan, trade is the lifeblood of society. 

Just as the characters in Dune and Shogun navigated intricate webs of alliances and commerce, businesses face similar challenges in today’s complicated global trade landscape. 

Yet, as supply chains become increasingly complex, it’s blockchain technology that is up to the task of revolutionizing and modernizing trade finance, offering a transformative solution to the persistent trade finance gap.

While trade may sound like a complex conversation, two recent releases covering the subject have drawn massive audiences. Dune: Part Two has generated over $490 million at the box office, and Shogun garnered 9 million streaming views globally to become the best worldwide debut to date for a Disney General Entertainment scripted series.

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