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Ankr adds infrastructure support for the XDC Network, empowering developers to pursue innovative Web3 use cases on XDC

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Ankr’s XDC RPC (Remote Procedure Call) service brings a new era of simplicity and stability to XDC Network developers. RPCs act as messengers or routers that streamline on-chain data transmission between XDC dApps, nodes, and end-users. Ankr’s RPCsolution on XDC is there to serve all use cases on the network — including real world asset tokenization and trade finance.

Ankr is an all-in-one Web3 developer hub that provides a full suite of tools to build Web3 apps and power them with high-performance connections to blockchains. They provide multi-chain dApp development tools, blockchain engineering services, crypto staking solutions, and a globally distributed node infrastructure that makes it all possible. 

The integration offers XDC Network developer benefits, including:

  • Developers no longer need to set up and maintain their own nodes. Ankr eliminates this need and saves developers time and effort previously spent on node configuration and troubleshooting. 

  • Performance. Ankr’s RPC service involves a node cluster that is flush with data to support dApp development and operation.

  • Simplicity and Accessibility. The Ankr integration simplifies blockchain development and serves as a beacon to developers who want to capitalize on XDC Network’s speed, security, and scalability while seamlessly interacting with the network’s ecosystem.

  • Empowered Developers. Ankr offers services that meet developers wherever they are in the development process and at whatever scale their dApp operates — including a high request rate, high request priority, global node locations, telemetry, debug mode, a support portal, and WebSocket (WS) capabilities.

XDC Foundation continually seeks to support developers with the tools and services needed to build decentralized applications that leverage XDC’s blockchain technology. The integration with Ankr adds to a vibrant blockchain network that continues to serve a thriving and interactive ecosystem.

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